The Problems: Healthcare

Doctors, nurses, and patients are drowning in government mandates. The first thing you’re told in a doctor’s office or hospital is not: “We’re here to help.” It’s: “Fill out these forms.” It’s really stupid that every hour of emergency care generates a commensurate hour of paperwork. Even more stupid: Administrative costs for US healthcare total
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The Problems: Dysfunctional Government

Government is out of anyone’s control. Literally. Officials who want to use their common sense are prohibited from doing so by stupid rules. Officials who don’t do their jobs can’t be held accountable. Lines of authority are nonexistent. Stupidity is mandated by the rigidity of millions of words of detailed rules and processes. Common sense
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The Problems: Jobs & Economy

The secret sauce of America’s success—the most successful nation in history– is human initiative. When Americans wake up, they know they can use all their energy, ingenuity, instincts, and tolerance for risk to get things done. Reliable law and regulation provides a level platform for individuals to follow their star. Because our free society is
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The Problems: Lawsuit Abuse & Fear

Fear of lawsuits has changed America. Employers don’t give job references, and teachers are told never to put an arm around a crying child. Seesaws and monkey bars are ripped out of playgrounds, and games of tag are banned. Doctors waste billions in “defensive medicine,” and diving boards are almost extinct. Idiotic warning labels are
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The Problems: Schools

America’s public schools are mired in a bureaucratic jungle. Basic daily choices—how to teach, maintain order, let kids play, plan field trips, serve food, deal with other educators, you name it—are controlled by mind-numbing rules and procedures. The predictable result is to suffocate the most important resource needed to educate America’s youth: the energy and
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The Problems: Infrastructure & Environment

America’s infrastructure is decrepit. The average age of a bridge is nearly 50 years old and rapidly approaching the end of its service life; deteriorating water mains, many built over a century ago, waste over two trillion gallons of water annually; our electric grid loses 6% of the electricity that passes through it, the equivalent of 200 coal-burning
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