The Solutions: Dysfunctional Government

So we know the problems, no one in government actually has authority to make decisions and ask what’s the right thing to do here?  Here’s how we put people back in charge: Civil Service Reform The current discipline and termination systems at all levels of government are broken. The “merit system” has become the anti-merit
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The Solutions: Jobs & Economy

So we know the problems, decades of overly-detailed red tape has tied the hands of America’s entrepreneurs. The removal of all regulations, of course, is neither feasible nor wise. What’s needed is a re-codification, a spring-cleaning of government — not to deregulate — but to radically simplify regulation so our public goals have a chance
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The Solutions: Lawsuit Abuse & Fear

So we know the problems, our sue-for-anything society is missing the “law” part of lawsuits. Without legal rulings that protect the boundaries of free activity, any angry person can unilaterally destroy reasonable freedoms—just by threatening a lawsuit. The land of the free is not supposed to be a legal minefield.  So how do we fix
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The Solutions: Infrastructure & Environment

We know infrastructure is a huge problem in America, but what now? Infrastructure projects can’t get past the drawing board because no single person or office has the authority to say “Yes, let’s do it!”  The only solution is to give designated officials the authority to make decisions and enforce deadlines. Give an environmental official the
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