The Problems: Dysfunctional Government

Government is out of anyone’s control. Literally. Officials who want to use their common sense are prohibited from doing so by stupid rules. Officials who don’t do their jobs can’t be held accountable. Lines of authority are nonexistent. Stupidity is mandated by the rigidity of millions of words of detailed rules and processes. Common sense is present only when officials ignore the rules and act on their sense of right and wrong.

This is a crazy way to run government. Government is broken—Americans know this. Basic norms of practicality and prudence are ignored with impunity. Taxpayer money is wasted. Lazy or mean-spirited officials get away with it. Officials who try to use common sense get in trouble. Who’s responsible for this mess? You guessed it—nobody. The system over decades has accumulated so much bureaucracy and so many outdated rules that it can no longer function.

It’s time to put personal responsibility back into government. The most important question, if we want to fix what’s broken, is “Who’s in charge around here?” Nothing will get fixed, at any level of government, until we can answer that question. For democratic governance to work, law must be rewritten so officials have room to use their common sense, with clear lines of authority so they can be overruled and held accountable when they don’t.


The Details

Wasting of Public Funds
The massive waste in Washington isn’t the result of incompetent bureaucrats making bad decisions, but rather following the rules!

Unaccountable Government Employees
The vast majority of civil servants are dedicated employees doing their best to assist citizens, solve problems, and ensure compliance while navigating through mountains of rules and forms.

Bureaucratic Micromanagement
Government can’t function sensibly when honest, hard-working public service employees are prohibited from using their common sense.

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