The Problems: Lawsuit Abuse & Fear

Fear of lawsuits has changed America. Employers don’t give job references, and teachers are told never to put an arm around a crying child. Seesaws and monkey bars are ripped out of playgrounds, and games of tag are banned. Doctors waste billions in “defensive medicine,” and diving boards are almost extinct. Idiotic warning labels are plastered on products: “Remove Baby Before Folding Stroller.”

This is really stupid: The legal system is supposed to protect freedom, not loom over daily interactions like a sword of Damocles.


The Details

Lawsuit Paranoia in Society
How did we get to a point where someone could claim with a straight face that the transgression of excessive ice was worth $5 million?

Government Paralysis
At every level of government, officials are unable to make sensible choices. Much of the blame lays with the accumulation of law and red tape that dictates stupid choices.

Defensive Healthcare
America’s current medical justice system cannot reliably separate good care from bad.

Defensive Schools
An essential element of good schools is for teachers and administrators to be free to act on their best judgment.

Boring Playgrounds
In the past few years alone, traditional games like tag and dodgeball have been banned.

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