March 29, 2017

The Trump Administration

The results of the 2016 election are clear: Voters want change. They know Washington is broken. President Trump and congressional leaders have begun offering proposals to fix it. Some of their ideas have merit, others miss the mark. Here we’ll highlight statements and proposals made by the new President and Congress. When they’re on the right track, we’ll say so. When they’re not, we’ll say that too.

We are in a perilous moment, with a historic opportunity to reimagine government. It’s time to #simplifygov.


Investing in Infrastructure
President Trump has suggested he wants to invest $1 trillion in infrastructure. Money, while obviously important, isn’t enough, however. The President must also push for infrastructure permitting reform — we’ve proposed a few simple solutions, including a three-page bill, that will speed-up permitting while protecting the environment.

Cutting the Budget
President Trump has proposed slashing the budgets of roughly a dozen agencies, for a savings of $54 billion. We think he could save the government almost $1 trillion, without reducing needed services or oversight.

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